the art of drawing


From my course outline:

Relative to much of what we do, drawing is a slow act. The process of drawing requires attention and sensual observation. Time slows, we experience an intense focus and absorption. In drawing, we are creating a dialogue with the world around us; we develop and express that relationship between ourselves and our subject matter. Drawing is about learning to see, replacing what we know or assume about objects, figures and spaces with what our eyes tell us. A drawing is a reflection of a subject but it is also about us, our point of view and interpretation. The art on display at the AGO provides an experience, often the culmination of years of study and focus, a distillation of observations and responses to the world. Through these collections we gain unique insight into times, places, personalities, the politics of the era or places in which the artists worked and lived. Much of what I talk about in my courses is about that expressiveness, how we respond to artwork, how states and emotions can be conveyed in our own drawings.

At the AGO, I teach courses and workshops in drawing, watercolour, and  mixed media, as well as a course called “Drawing from the Vaults” which utilizes the space and marvelous collection of works on paper in the Marvin Gelber print and Drawing Study Centre.

Registration is through the AGO

private workshops

I teach some art courses at the Aga Khan Museum and private workshops.



My colleague ALISON WATT  and I co-teach urban sketching in Paris and plein air painting in a small village in the southwest of France (Espedaillac) every September. Contact me for more information.